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Contents Zürich Networking Group LinkedIn Annual Group Update – June 2023 A major Zürich Networking Group update was last done in 2021 and listed here on this website in February 2021. This is the follow-up for the group at the end of May 2023 as we move to a new membership year starting June 1st 2023. A lot of work was done over the past 12 months to reach out to all who had left Zurich or Switzerland to see if being a member of our local group was to be of value to them. This resulted in the loss of 513 group members in total on LinkedIn, some remained as followers and others less than 30 as newsletter subscribers.    The Zürich Networking Group grew from 5,798 members in Feb 2021 to 7,901 members in the LinkedIn group on May 31st, 2023.  The group members percentage is geographically located as:  74.72% of members have profiles showing their location is Zurich or the greater Zurich area. 7.8% of members are located outside Switzerland ( was 7.1% in 2021). 17.2% of members have profiles showing their location to be in Switzerland but not in Zurich.  The policy of checking profiles for

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