June 2021 Vote – Environment – Water – CO2 – Pesticides – Security

June 2021 Swiss vote environment CO2 and terrorism law (1)

Contents Clean Drinking Water and Healthy Food – linking subsidies to pesticide use The Swiss electorate will vote on the Popular Initiative which links federal subsidies and their control or withdrawal because of a farmer using pesticides and prophylactic antibiotics on his farm. A new range of environmental conditions will also be introduced requiring compliance … Read more

2021 LinkedIn Zürich Networking Group Information

Contents Zürich Networking Group Annual Update – Feb 2021 A major Zürich Networking Group update was done in 2018 and a smaller one was listed on the website in February 2020. This is the annual follow-up for the group at the end of February 2021.  The Zürich Networking Group grew from 4,092 members in 2020 … Read more

Networking In A Pandemic

Networking In a Pandemic

The Pandemic has wreaked havoc upon many throughout the world. One huge indicator was how in under a month, just under 16 million Americans lost their jobs in March 2020. In Europe, employment markets were not as affected with countries impacted in different ways and reporting lesser numbers individually. Yet before the coronavirus pandemic fades, … Read more

27-Sept-20 Zurich votes on tax, maternity pay, defence, conservation

27 Sep 2020 Popular Initiative Immigration Vote

Contents Upcoming Vote September 27 In Switzerland a number of key votes were stalled because of COVID-19 and the impact of coronavirus. This means there are some very important votes which are upcoming and “off the radar” for many non-Swiss. Popular initiative ‘For moderate immigration (Limitation Initiative)’ Yes, you read that correctly. The right of … Read more

Zurich Corona Virus Shopper Chaos Friday 13th !

Corona Virus Zurich Shopping 13.03.2020

Friday 13th – The Day The Chaos Came To Zurich 13.03.2020 – Corona virus covid-19 shopping panic gripped Zurich It had been relatively quiet on the shopping front compared to other cities in the world. Pharmacists had reported limited numbers of masks for sale and alcohol based sanitisers were difficult to buy as of last … Read more

2020 LinkedIn Zürich Networking Group Information

Zürich Networking Group LinkedIn Profile

Contents LinkedIn 2020 Group Update The last Zürich Networking Group  update was done in 2018 so we thought it about time to share with members the latest figures. Growth in 2019 and early 2020 has been slow and careful.  This is a deliberate policy to validate new member requests and keeps the LinkedIn group acceptances … Read more

Unemployment Office – RAV Zurich and first steps to register as unemployed

Zurich RAV and Zurich Unemployment Switzerland

For RAV registration the following documents should documents be available. RAV will advise more precisely what they need and may want you to post or email scanned copies to them: Foreigner’s identification card (B, L or C permit) Passport Work contract Termination letter AHV grey card or medical insurance card with AHV number Your complete … Read more

Switzerland 2020 language test and integration for B and C permit holders


Contents Background The Switzerland B and C permit language test changes have been awaited and expected. Many of those local in Zurich remember the fallout after the 2014 Federal popular initiative “against mass immigration” result. Then the need to balance the many bilateral EU agreements and the decision of the Swiss public created widespread uncertainty … Read more