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September 27 2020 Swiss National Vote Results

27 Sep 2020 Election outcomes aircraft, paternity leave and taxes

Good Swiss turnout to vote on the 27 September 2020 Switzerland got a chance to vote yesterday and there was a mix of proposals because of the impact of COVID-19 which had delayed the previous planned vote. Close to 5.4 million Swiss citizens, including registered expatriate Swiss, were eligible to take part in the votes. The voter turnout was higher than expected and close to 60% which is 10-15% above the norm. Immigration Initiative 0 % Vote No – Rejected Sunday’s vote showed that immigration and the EU are still a problem in Switzerland and is unlikely to go away.  Close to 2 million voted against the initiative to restrict freedom of movement and the hiring of employees. It does not mean the Swiss People`s Party (SVP) will not try another initiative as they fight to leave the EU and reduce immigration. Their problem, they could not extend their vote beyond that of their base very well. The top 3 cantons which had a clear vote for the initiative were: Appenzell Inner Rhoden Schwyz Ticino The 3 cantons which rejected the measure in the strongest terms by voting no were: Basel City –  75% voted no Neuchâtel –  71% voted

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