June 2021 Vote – Environment – Water – CO2 – Pesticides – Security

June 2021 Swiss vote environment CO2 and terrorism law (1)

Contents Clean Drinking Water and Healthy Food – linking subsidies to pesticide use The Swiss electorate will vote on the Popular Initiative which links federal subsidies and their control or withdrawal because of a farmer using pesticides and prophylactic antibiotics on his farm. A new range of environmental conditions will also be introduced requiring compliance … Read more

27 Sep 2020 Geneva, Switzerland Votes For Minimum Wage

27 Sept 2020 Geneva Vote Minimum Vote Succeeds

Some Minimum Wage History In Switzerland low-paying jobs like waiting staff, cleaners, taxi drivers and others account for over 12% of the working population. This excludes the gig economy and competition for jobs and hiring remains very strong.  In 2014 voters in Switzerland rejected plans for a nationwide minimum wage set at CHF22 an hour. … Read more