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#005 – Blockchain and Pharma – Track Trace and more with Rasmus Schioenning

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#005 - Blockchain and Pharma - Track Trace and more with Rasmus Schioenning

Show Notes #005 – In this show Andrew and Rasmus discuss how Blockchain is applied by the Pharma industry. Topics and Timestamps Rasmus Schioenning who previously explained the basics of blockchain in a previous show and now touches upon how pharma seeks to use Blockchain and he discusses its status of adoption. One example, Mediledger and its use of Ethereum for a successful solution of the problem of returning unwanted drugs back to the distributor by pharmacies will be highlighted.  The show notes below include points of reference for listeners who will learn about the benefits of drug track and trace. An important topic to the FDA and EU who seek to save millions of dollars or euros in labour cost savings arising from improved drug and supply chain management. Key Moments Include:   Key Content Reference and Rasmus`s LinkedIn Profile Links: – Why Big Pharma Is Betting on BlockchainFDA – Food and Drug Supply Act – 2013EU – Falsified Medicines Legislation and DirectivesThe MediLedger Network – A Decentralised Network for the Pharmaceutical Industry Rasmus`s LinkedIn Profile link We hope you enjoyed our second Blockchain episode and PLEASE remember to let us know if you would like a specific topic or industry covered

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