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Zurich RAV and Zurich Unemployment Switzerland

FM Global Report – Post COVID-19 Zurich to bounce back better than other cities

FM Global insurance resilience report and indicator aid The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has created a vacuum for business, a global level of business uncertainty that many have never seen in their lives before. Countries across the globe are battling with the issues of healthcare, personal protection equipment and supplies and a lot more. Zurich is grappling with a variety of challenges impacting small businesses and the self-employed especially. The social-distancing strategies, Federal orders and early financial interventions are helping to stabilise the situation.  So what makes me write to suggest that Zurich will be back before many other cities in the world who are much larger? A clue is in the 2019 Global Resilience Index report created by FM Global Insurance. FM Global researches the business environment in over 100 countries across the globe. The countries are then rated on an index according to factors related to: Corporate Governance  Political stability Risk Environment Supply chain logistics and transparency Switzerland as a country scores well and is rated 3rd overall. The strong economic foundation and supply chain score aids the cumulative result.  This indicates unsurprisingly that Zurich and Switzerland will have a high level of stability and resilience through the crisis

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Corona Virus Zurich Update

How to make your own hand sanitiser using “Spiritus” pharmacy alcohol

This is a post for those who are a little more scientific amongst the Zurich Networking Group and cannot get any hand sanitiser at the local pharmacies or from elsewhere, or who simply have some “Spiritus” ( Pharmacy supplied alcohol rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit as it is known to as well by expats). It is also because the Federal authorities seem to have a supply issue because stocks of ethanol seem to be quite low. Disinfectants are in short supply and you only need three or four ingredients to make your own hand sanitiser at home. A word of warning – if in doubt, do not make it. Keep washing your wrists and hands properly with soap and water.  Only use homemade hand sanitisers in extreme situations when hand washing isn’t available and do not use homemade hand sanitisers on children’s skin or on anyone with a skin condition. Before usage, consider a patch test on a small area of your skin, to test for any sensitivities. If after 24 hours there has been no reaction then you should be good to continue usage. The key to making an effective, germ-busting hand sanitiser is to stick to a 2:1

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Switzerland 2020 language test and integration for B and C permit holders

Contents Background The Switzerland B and C permit language test changes have been awaited and expected. Many of those local in Zurich remember the fallout after the 2014 Federal popular initiative “against mass immigration” result. Then the need to balance the many bilateral EU agreements and the decision of the Swiss public created widespread uncertainty among many Zurich or other Swiss based foreign residents. Rumours and stories spread as foreigners realised they had little or no political influence on the outcome. Then it went a little quiet until December 2016 because the Swiss Parliament worked to approve changes made to The Federal Act on Foreign Nationals (FNA). The FNA became the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals and Integration. (English Version) and key amendments or its most important regulation changes were not implemented until 2019. The wide sweeping changes affected other regulations including the: Ordinance on Admission Stay and Employment (Verordnung über Zulassung Aufenthalt und Erwerbstätigkeit, VZAE) Ordinance on the Integration of Foreign Nationals (Verordnung über die Integration von Ausländerinnen und Ausländern, VIntA). Introduction of a new language test requirement The biggest new requirement for foreigners was the need to have proof and to show proficiency in German, French, or Italian ( depending where you

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Zurich Switzerland Online shopping and food take-away 2020

Zurich local online shopping and websites

Contents Introduction This is a one pager covering the typical websites we all seem to use for Zurich local online shopping. A number you will need to run the results of a website url through Google translate or similar for your own local language. All links are unaffiliated. The Zurich local online shopping and websites post is an update of one which was over 5 years old. Not many names have changed and a couple of websites were not detailed because they are mentioned together with A number of Zurich local online websites will be listed by category with a small or no write-up. They are pretty self-explanatory and a number of others are worth noting, especially the 24hr chemist / pharmacy. Please make any suggestions by completing the comment form, we will review them and include them later in the next Zurich local online shopping update towards the end of 2020. Zurich local online shopping for books is a go to website when you are looking to purchase a book locally and is a price comparison website. It is listed because it does include or in its search results. This means you can a) compare

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Zurich votes on affordable housing initiative

Contents Zurich and many in Switzerland could learn about affordable housing initiative from their Austrian neighbours in Vienna. They have a history of over 100 years on affordable and social housing. The Viennese have seem to have successfully balanced the needs of social housing, tax its residents and balance commercial construction projects with the minimum of speculation. Background to the Swiss housing initiative and the Zurich housing problem Zurich is very different to how it was back in the 1980`s. It is now a magnet for migration from both inside and outside of Switzerland. Property ownership in the city is now dominated by insurance or pension companies and speculation because of low interest rates is regarded as being above normal. There are real obstacles to purchasing both commercial and private property as evidenced by Glattpark to the north of the city. In 2000 a district plan for development of the marshy land was agreed. There was to be a change of use and a mini-town with businesses and other amenities constructed. Housing was to be provided for close to 7,000 people with the schools for the children now being seen as the last item on the list to be provided.

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Key words list for your LinkedIn profile or CV

Contents Introduction The key words list for your LinkedIn profile or CV is becoming more useful because of the way algorithms are used by recruiters or LinkedIn and Google. New business Internet research and job listings share some similar search attributes.  Job listings include the abilities and competencies an applicant needs to be a good  hire. These skills become keywords used by recruiters and hiring managers as they search to quickly identify top candidates.  Few people carefully read LinkedIn profiles and summary write-ups or CVs.  They take a cursory glance and only dig deeper if past job titles or skills trigger their interest. Common words searched for by LinkedIn or recruiter users Recruiters have moved on from the old days of simple filter boxes and job titles on LinkedIn.  Purchasing managers have done so as well as they both embrace Boolean search terms to expand their reach.  In order to help those who are in sales to be “attractive” to clients or those seeking a new ob and wanting contact from hiring managers, this list may help. Simply review your profile and summary write-up and check your use of adjectives and relevant terms.  accounting analytical analytics brand budget C (programming

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