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Does it need an e-scooter death before Zurich acts?

Contents Does it need an e-scooter death before Zurich acts? In Zurich the e-scooters have arrived en masse and like a virus they are now everywhere it seems downtown.The e-scooters seem to litter the streets and open spaces with no stated policy from the Mayor or the city officials in response to the outbreak. Hence asking the question, will it take a death like it has in other cities for action and regulation to happen? All Zurich residents hope not, we simply seek some action and some more thought from the Mayor of Zurich and other city officials. The electric scooter or trottinette as it is known by many has a place, for how long no-one knows. Users can ride for less than the fare of a taxi or a tram and local Zurich residents accept in part riders whizzing by in Europaallee at speed silently, with no helmets, carrying loads or listening to their music as they go. A few my express concern under their breath, in Seefeld, Enge or Wiedikon the mutterings are a little louder. Like other city residents elsewhere in the world there is mounting concern. Many e-scooter users create problems they do not think of

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