Terms of Services

Your membership of the Zurich Networking Group is for 12 months.

The membership plans include free or others where a fee (non-refundable) covers the joining fee plus a year’s membership.

Refunds may be given at the discretion of Zurich Networking Group management, in exceptional situations only.

Your membership will be due for renewal one year after we accept your application. You will be reminded before your next annual fee is due, failure to renew will result in your account being downgraded to free for 12 months or deleted after we try to contact you with the details held on file.

To show that your profile and details are kept up to date, and as a condition of certain membership categories, you may be required or asked to amend or improve your profile and related company directory entries. On completion of the application to join, it is assumed that you confirm that you’ve read and agree to our membership rules, terms and conditions. You’re bound by these terms as soon as we confirm your membership.