Where to get a German course in Zurich in 2021

A lot of options exist as to where to get a German course in Zurich

More than 500 German language courses are offered by dozens of schools in Zurich as well as independent teachers registered as self-employed in the city commercial register. 

There has been an explosion in course offerings as a result of the new language requirement tests for those seeking to get a working/residency permit in Switzerland. 

For many, personal referral is the best way forward, why? an assessment test prior to learning will help you to be learning with others at the correct level. 

One member Zürich Networking Group member thought he was a B2 ( Upper Intermediate ) level only to  discover the teacher was using Kafka as course content.

Needless to say, there was no pre-enrollment assessment test at that school. they had a “Probelektion” policy instead. One lesson to assess if the course was for you for free.

It is why you need to read the terms and conditions in detail and do not be afraid to speak in English, French or Italian to get your answers.

Why? If you have a Probelektion or trial lesson and then decide to go on, securing a refund as a result of your mistake becomes difficult to secure.

Zurich city has got better at resourcing its website for those seeking to learn German.

The online database is a great resource for research, as is the networking group membership. 

Your online tool is free and you can filter according to language level, pricing, schedule and frequency.

Should you be downtown regularly, you can take advantage of some free advice and support to help you find your ideal course at:

The Welcome Desk (in the town hall, Stadthausquai 17)
Monday to Thursday, 14:00 – 18:00 – no reservation is required.

City of Zurich link to courses on offer website

Course info is in German – check all providers and courses via an Internet search and always check more than one before making your choice.

Click on image below to visit full listing.

Example courses:

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Remember when you learn German, it helps to think about:

Learning a foreign language is no walk in the park and is commonly considered a long, tiresome and difficult especially when trying to learn German grammar rules.

You do need to align your expectation to taking your time to learn

The expectation of results are high at the start and yes you will learn something in the first few months of your course. 

You need to prepare yourself for years of learning if your goal is to be fluent. Most learners try to reach a B2-C1 level and to focus on their speaking.

The facts are the German language has different sounds, grammatical rules and special symbols that cannot be learnt in a month. 

Everyone who has learnt German has had a “ooops really, I said that!” moment. It is easy to speak about a topic and use a word which in reality had a close cousin and meant something very different. 

Do not worry about it, you will have plenty of time later to joke about the matter. 

Try to read the local newspapers or watch Swiss TV when you can. This helps you to do a little more than the work in class. It is also a simple way to make learning German more interesting.

There are apps for your phone and many find the following websites for dictionary and use of German sentence examples useful. 



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