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Many of us are finding themselves reduced to some thing called a «profile». Especially if you are changing career lanes or want to, you keep hearing «your profile this, your profile that».

It may feel like it is a profile or profiles that get recruited and not people.

You may not have thought what a profile is before and you probably did not think what profile you wanted to craft for yourself when you were deciding what studies to pursue, but now it is all about your profile.

You may go to great lengths to define your profile for résumés because if you don’t, others will do that for you and you may not like how you are profiled by somebody else.

So what is a profile and is it supposed to be set in stone and unchangeable like your blood group? Is it supposed to sum you up and label the essence of who you are for the purpose of putting a price tag on it?

I would like to encourage you to NOT think of yourself in such terms lest you find yourself pushed into a box. Because the profile is a kind of box, it makes you less of who you are and not more. And if companies want out-of-the box thinking, they may be better advised to recruit people and not boxes.

Here are some other questions to consider that may serve you better because they make you feel more of who you are, not less:

Who are you, beyond your name and profession?
What is everything else that you are that is not on your business card?
To the extent that you are all that, what’s everything that you are not?
What do you do for yourself and not for others and not for monetary pay-offs?
What are the pay-offs that matter to you most?

And consider, really consider these things, because we are seldom encouraged to give them much consideration.

The answers may not make it to your résumé but will definitely empower you and let you show up with more of who you are wherever you are. And believe me, showing up with more of who you are rather than less ensures this atmosphere of growth that is, according to the latest research, a prerequisite to happiness and life satisfaction.

How about seeing that you are already valuable just because you are you, because you are the product of billions of years of evolution and there is no second person in the world that is you, yes, you are unique!

Profiles may be template standard, you are unique!

Teodora Rudolph

Blog Post provided by: Teodora Rudolph

Coach for change projects and helping those in transition for new employment opportunities.

Author of „Schnelle Wege zur Leistungssteigerung: Erfolgsmodelling leicht gemacht“


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