why should you join the Zürich Networking Group

People are supporter members for a variety of reasons:

Their personal reasons include:

  • A need to understand local issues because they would like to be here long-term and possibly become Swiss, or are Swiss and have moved to Zurich
  • To find a new job and have resources made available for them for less than a month of LinkedIn Premium or similar because their needs are specific to them because they are:
    • Returning back to work as a stay-at-home mum or dad
    • New to Zurich
    • Made redundant or are unemployed and with the RAV in Zurich
  • They want to start a new business as a GmbH or be a SOHO entrepreneur and know others in the group have been through the process, pain or joy of doing this in Zurich
  • They like the idea their subscription helps others and only turn up to two or three events a year and know their membership discount pays for their membership 
  • Supporting others who give of their time to organise and promote others can be fun and satisfying to be part of such a community
  • Feeling relaxed at an event or over coffee in the morning whilst being themselves with no pressure or stress because they are a little shy compared to others
  • It is nice to speak in English on a variety of topics, to be among local yet internationally minded and multi-cultural people from a variety of backgrounds
  • They like the mix of events provided, some structured and educational whilst others are for networking or small social gatherings where you can meet others and can talk.
  • The group helps to support local businesses in a quiet way and has been doing so for years

People with their businesses are Supporter Plus members because:

Their small or larger business needs are different and they want to seek customers from a niche local community, their reasons include:

  • Knowledge and support from others who are local to their business and can collaborate or partner with them.
  • They know they have a large resource available to them to reference, not just for their new business and sales but to also save them time looking for solutions to problems
  • Potential clients can be met over time and all involved know that trust and good relationships equal long-term business
  • They want a website with a local market and city focus
  • Many have been sold services or offered directory listings which have served no purpose disappear after a year.
  • A few know the benefit of quietly being able to find new staff or to promote their services or products in German or English
  • Some want to know their membership will result in them being promoted actively and locally because of their sponsorship of events or the group
  • A number know there are group members who specialise in LinkedIn, Facebook or other marketing resources including brochure design and print media
  • They want to have a safety net source of contacts who can be found as required through “do you know anyone who can …. ” referrals
  • They know being local is a great way to meet at events and then to work on a collaboration later with others to offer new services or to work on a better offer to prospects or clients
  • To share issues and experiences and get advice from senior managers, marketers, advisors, IT and website designers and others at a networking event before deciding to use their services

People are Associate members because:

Their personal needs are different and their reasons include:

  • They just want a practical no-nonsense community resource provided by a newsletter and want time before deciding to attend an event.
  • They do not need the website access or other group resources to support their business development, networking or local job search.
  • They want to be made aware of local business offers so they can support local businesses and be a customer.
  • They have a need for a coach, adviser or other personal need and “want to get to know” others and seek recommendations before making contact.  
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