What is coaching?

Coaching has become a recognised means to effectively help people in their professional and personal lives articulate and achieve their goals. A coach supports you as the client to navigate through a career or life transition, to spend more time and energy on what matters to you, or even determine what your life purpose is. As with sports coaching, you are coached by me to recognise and use your talents to bring you closer to realising your real potential. I will champion your highest aspirations for yourself and help you attain them.

Why work with a coach?

The strength of coaching lies in the trust and safety of a collaborative relationship between the coach and client. Anything discussed within the coaching relationship is considered strictly confidential.

Here are some examples of how I could support you:

  • A partner to help you think about and work towards specific goals.
  • Support in the actions you take to determine and achieve your goals.
  • Provide the structure and focus needed for you to stay in action.
  • Ask provocative questions.
  • Provide challenges and support with brainstorming.
  • Hold you accountable to action in between our meetings.

Examples of themes you could explore are growing your personal leadership, career or relationship transitions, unemployment, establishing your own business, finding a new calling in life, finding your role in the modern family or achieving a specific goal before year end.

I am also receiving coaching to support my own growth.

Is coaching different than therapy or mentoring?

Yes. The coaching model I practice sees you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. It, therefore, does not seek to “fix” you and is not focused on your past. Instead, it is future oriented and aims to grow your natural potential. Furthermore, it is not about receiving advice but instead helps you to see the choices you have in life and empowers you to take those choices.

What am I offering?

After 20 years in industry I am embarking on a new journey to become a certified life coach with the Coaches Training Institute (www.coactive.com). CTI’s Co-Active model is the most widely recognised professional coaching model. The certification builds on the core training I have already received and will allow me to improve my skills and learn about the most up-to-date techniques over the next 6 months. I have to log 100 hours of coaching practice as part of my programme studies. Would you like to join me on this journey and in return receive personal coaching for only a small fee?

Who am I?     michaelsimmonds

Born and raised in England, I adopted Switzerland as my home 14 years ago after a series of international moves. I live with my 3 teenage sons in Richterswil.

My professional background is Strategic Product Manager with 20 years of experience in multinational chemical and health care companies. In recent years, I have sought coaching to grow myself personally and to help me face both professional and personal challenges. Such was the impact on my life that I now feel a calling to offer this experience to others.

 What can you expect?

#1    You will receive a non-binding complementary sample session lasting up to 60 minutes during which you will be coached on a topic of your choice. This will allow you to experience me as a coach and both of us to confirm that we want to embark on this journey together.

#2    We jointly review my simple standard coaching agreement and sign it. This provides the foundation for our working relationship.

#3    You complete a questionnaire I provide you with. This will help me get to know you and understand your situation better. You experience your first coaching session during which your responses will be discussed and we design the way we want to work together. This is a process of co-creation where we both get to say what works best for us.

#4    We work together on the topic you have chosen to address. We have flexibility to review the topic as the programme progresses.

Coaching sessions typically take place 2-3 times per month over Skype or in person and last for up to 60 minutes.

I ask you to commit to at least 6 coaching sessions at a rate of 30 CHF each or 20 CHF for a commitment of 10 sessions. I will align with the Swiss industry standard rate of 150 to 250 CHF per session once I receive the certification.


If you think Co-Active Coaching could be right to support you with a challenge or goal, give me a call or send me an email so that any questions you might have can be addressed and to schedule your sample session.

Michael          079 821 1474           simmondscoaching@gmail.com


Thank you for your interest and question, we will handle your request as soon as we can. Best wishes, Andrew and Rose


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