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A City For All July 4th Zurich
Zürich Networking Group Urs Egger Zurich For All

July 4 2019 Local Funding - The Black Hole

Learn about taxes, life today and tomorrow, social costs and planned policies

There are lots of questions you could ask on the night, here are a few examples:

  • If you know someone living in Glatt Park, why does the city delay the new school build? The developers made promises and have their cash.
  • What are the possible implications of the corporate tax and Swiss company taxes, what perspectives do the local politicians have?
  • If I will become Swiss, by the time I retire, with Zurich give benefits like other cities in other cantons?


Event Booking Page – More Event Details To follow

Proposed schedule:

  • 18:30 Arrival
  • 18:35 Announcements and quick group update
  • 18:40 Say hello to the others at your table
  • 18:50 Introduction by Urs
  • 19:00 Presentations and learning topics
    • Moderator led – 3 guest speakers
    • Questions from the floor
  • 20:00 Networking and Apéro
  • 21:30 Close and wind down as people leave to go home or to start their night out “proper” in the city.

Speakers / Presenters include:

Post Event Follow-Up Updates will be provided to keep you informed of some key points raised and a future event will be organised where those attending this event will be given priority Posts will be made on the Zürich Networking Group website for all to view members and non-members allowing for feedback and follow-up

Urs Egger

Currently Managing Director for the FDP, Zurich offices and operations.

Former CEO of Swiss Contact – NGO Website and their work explained

Location and Directions

Karl Der Grosse


Zürich Central Train Station – Tram 4 or 15 – c. 3/4 stops  Helmhaus

  • Depending on direction of travel from HB, cross over and go up the steps, at the top bear right and you will see the Karl Der Grosse ahead of you.
  • Walk through the restaurant section if the door to the side is locked and head towards the Saal.

Room – The SAAL

Early Bird Registration 

“I am 25 years old, working and studying, why should I pay for old people?

They have paid already.”

– Swiss Student

“I am 77 years old, worked for 50 years

and still pay for medical bills”

– Swiss pensioner

“I am employing 35 staff here in the city. The cost of the move, still a daily surprise.

Now we may have more staffing costs because of the EU and tax vote.”

– Foreign Businessman

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