Feb 08 2019 Meet The FDP

Learn about Swiss local politics and voting initiatives

The evening was well attended and was structured to enable attendees to participate in roundtable sessions, to meet more than one representative of the FDP Liberal party and to listen to a presentation by Urs Egger and Hans-Jakob Boesch.

Foreigners cannot vote and yet pay taxes and work for both Swiss owned and non-Swiss companies.

Many in the group made Switzerland their new home but may never had the opportunity to meet and discuss local laws or civic issues which may affect them. This event allowed members and non-members the chance to learn about topics of interest directly with a representative from one of the political parties: this time the FDP.

Those who attended came together to better understand:

  • The history of the Swiss political system
  • Civic initiatives and how they happen and the way the Swiss vote
  • Current topics and possible measures already underway, especially concerning expats

It was also an opportunity for members of a Swiss political party to meet others and to understand the perspectives of a “non-voter.”

Hans-Jakob Boesch

Hans-Jakob has been the president of the FDP Kanton Zürich since 2016 and is also a member of the cantonal parliament.

When not being a politician, Hans-Jakob works as an economist for Swiss Life.

Speakers / Presenters

Urs Egger

Urs is well known in Zürich`s political circles and was a former CEO of Swisscontact and Professor at BFH in Bern.
Today he is in charge of the offices of the FDP Canton of Zürich and all local party matters. When not involved in politics, he is active with his own business H+U Egger Consulting GmbH, which has a focus on international project work.

Zurich For All Networking Evening – Short video on Swiss voting


Top 2 concerns - attendee feedback %

  • Childcare costs
  • City multi-lingual services website offer
  • Education
  • Healthcare - cost projections and care level
  • Pension gap and retirement services
  • Tax money spend

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