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This is a one pager covering the typical websites we all seem to use for Zurich local online shopping.

A number you will need to run the results of a website url through Google translate or similar for your own local language. 

All links are unaffiliated. 

The Zurich local online shopping and websites post is an update of one which was over 5 years old. Not many names have changed and a couple of websites were not detailed because they are mentioned together with ricardo.ch. 

A number of Zurich local online websites will be listed by category with a small or no write-up. 

They are pretty self-explanatory and a number of others are worth noting, especially the 24hr chemist / pharmacy. 

Please make any suggestions by completing the comment form, we will review them and include them later in the next Zurich local online shopping update towards the end of 2020. 

Zurich local online shopping for books

Buchsuch.ch is a go to website when you are looking to purchase a book locally and is a price comparison website.

It is listed because it does include Amazon.fr or Amazon.de in its search results.

This means you can a) compare book prices and b) shipping costs.

For many non-Swiss it is unknown as a website service and the book list is continually updated. 

Delivery indicators, no-longer supplied by vendor and condition (new / used) are indicated at the bottom of the book choice results page.

View Buchsuch.ch and check their online book comparison offers

Zurich local online shopping for clothes

Zalando.ch has to be top for many people for online clothes shopping.

Men, Women and Children are all catered for and the returns policy seems to work for most people most of the time.

At Christmas time there seems to be a few problems for those not using a .de or .ch website based on the review sites and their own website statements.

The volume of online sales are growing and you can check their returns policy using this link.

View the current selection of online shopping offers from Zalando

PeterHahn.ch is a well established Swiss company (ultimate Parent is German) whose website offer a great selection of clothes and items for the home.

If you are looking for something special and not so ordinary, their website is worth a look. Peter Hahn`s original range and retail offers were related to fine leather and cashmere goods.

Today they have a much broader range and interesting sale items from time to time.

You can check their shopping, returns and shipping terms using this link.

View the current selection of Peterhanh.ch com offers.

  • More sites for clothes: please check returns policy


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Zurich local online shopping for electronics

After you have been living in Zurich or Switzerland for a while you realise that the Co-0p and Migros own a variety of different outlets. Interdiscount and Microspot* are owned by Co-op and Digitec by Migros.

Electronics figure highly with everyone and there are no shortage of online shops from which you can make your purchases from with ease. Digitec is one of the few which list and have a full website translated into English.

Digitec is a go to website for electronics in Switzerland.

They will sell you a phone or an underwater drone. The order, delivery and tracking service is good. I have only had to follow-up with customer service once after a delivery and the outcome was a simple swap-out and return of one part of the total order.

Digitec list second hand or refurbished goods and their Black Friday or Christmas price reductions are worth a look as well.

View the current selection of Digitec drone offers

MediaMarkt.ch is in fact part of a larger German retail group and their offers can be very good.

It is a simple process to purchase online and you can avoid any “upsell” pitches or side offers easily (people who bought this bought this as well etc.).

The offer is both retail home and personal and their returns policy is as good as Digitec.

They do offer a home delivery and install service which I have not used.

View the current selection of MediaMarkt offers using this link.

Zurich local online shopping for food

You have a number of choices and this list is representative not complete:

Food Shopping – check the prices before you move to prepare yourself for when you arrive and consider enrolling in some of the available loyalty schemes for moneyback and other offers. 

  • Amstad Chäslädeli – specialist cheeses from Switzerland, raclette, fondue mixes and a lot more. 
  • Asia Store – for asian produce and fish and website how to cook recipes – 3 retail shops at time of writing. Staff in the shop will also help and advise if asked ( de)
  • Co-op ( de / fr / it ) 
  • Globus ( fr / de ) – good for those hard to find products and the fresh fish is of a good quality
  • Importas – asian food importer and distributor in Switzerland with its own online shop. Selection is wide and prepare for in stock/out of stock events when using their online service. Best to visit in person (en)
  • Lidl ( de / fr / it )
  • Migros ( de / fr / it) – their online food service is LeShop
  • Reformhaus Egli – (de) 7 shops at the time of writing for healthy living products, some provide food for “on the go” and gluten free products are available. MÜLLER Reformhaus is linked as a sister shop in the brands.

Zurich local online shopping for food eat-in / take-out

You have 1000`s of choices for Zurich, none listed below are affiliated, no paid links. They are provided based on member recommendations and actual use.

Choices recommended by members:

  • Dieci Pizzas – ( De / Fr / En ) – home delivery / eat-in   
  • eat.ch  ( de / fr / en ) portal for all types of food from the usual kebab, burgers and pizza to Thai green curry or a sausage and cheese salad!
  • Mosi.ch – Swiss local delivery service and well regarded. (de / en ) – vouchers make a great gift or thank you present. Minimum order CHF30 – Use when you need more than just a small individual pizza.
  • Not Guilty – ( De / En) check on location timing / opening. Good choice of vegetarian and vegan options. 
  • Sternen Grill – Bratwurst and beer – yes tourists love it, so do locals as well. Check on location timing elsewhere as hours for opening can vary as well as their online ordering terms.

Zurich local online shopping for furniture

You have a number of choices and some websites include 7.7% sales tax in the pricing but do not tell you until check-out. 

It is common to buy and visit Brocki houses (2nd hand stores who sometimes deliver) because of the environmental concerns and sometimes you discover the small hand whisk for your scrambled eggs you thought you needed and more!.   

  • Conforama ( de / fr ) – some offers are as cheap as IKEA and a good compare and contrast pricing website.
  • Diga ( de) – interesting designs and material choices available. For each table purchased they have a plant a new tree policy.
  • Home24 ( fr /de ) – Platform alternative online shop with furniture offers and designs for all budgets.  
  • Micasa ( de / fr / it)  – Migros group stores for online and in-person shopping. Conforama would be a competitor for some price points.
  • Pfister ( de / fr / it ) – Specialist and interesting designs offered online and in-store in addition to more common look and material designs for more conservative buyer.   
  • Schubiger ( de) – One of the few stores which publicise a “price match” guarantee and are similar to Pfister in pricing on many product areas with a good range of home office furniture.

Zurich local online shopping using Ricardo ( Swiss eBay ) and Tutti.ch (sell for free)

You have a number of choices to save money buying used or wanting to sell those things you bought to Zurich and realise you no-longer need.

Tamedia Espace AG owns Ricardo which is a buy/sell auction site and offers a wide variety just like Ebay. You can list for free and the sale fees are c.8% at the time of writing this post. 

You can buy cheap if you are open to collecting the goods, many a good deal has been had that way. 

Special category is useful for vouchers and discount cards and little used by those new in Zurich.

Tutti.ch ( German speaking part of Switzerland free listing website) is owned by Scout24 and is a competitor to Facebook Marketplace as a local resident. It is a fixed price listing and some items take days to go, others weeks.

One point to note about Ricardo is that unlike Ebay there is no completed sale search to reference pricing. All those new to Ricardo.ch should  sign up first, add similar items to their “Merkliste” and watch the outcome of any auction to understand pricing. It will also help you to track and understand buyer/seller feedback scores. It is not uncommon for users to have multiple accounts.

You can check the Ricardo.ch fees structure using this link.

View the Ricardo.ch new item listings close to end of auction. 

For everything else our suggested Zurich local online shopping and websites

  • Airport – website for arrivals, airport services and other news ( de / en)

  • Babysitting / Childcare

    • Sitly – referral and matching service for parents and day carers or babysitters ( en / de / fr / it )

    • Babysitter24 – similar portal to Sitly and rates are visible so similar to Upwork or Fiverr for price visibility ( de / fr / it / en)

  • Car – third party OEM approved service, pre-MFK vehicle inspection, maintenance and tyres

  • Comparison website for your insurances, together with an expat beginners`s guide – top rated services – comparis.ch  ( fr / it / de / en )

  • Doctor / 24hr Pharmacy – Permanence

    Essential for those times when you need something and the usual local services are closed. The pharmacy staff are excellent and for non-emergency doctor visits for visitors it is worth considering. (de / en)

  • Dry Cleaning – clothes, bed textiles, drapes can be custom cleaned and in some cases repairs ordered. 24hr service in Seefeld location. cleaning store  (en / de)
  • Movies and cinema – Cineman.ch  ( de / fr / en )

  • Mobility car rental and share – A mileage and time based plan for car use a a club. An excellent service for when you just want ad-hoc car use because you live in the city. mobility.ch (en / de )

  • Railways – get away day deals and more – SBB.ch ( de / fr / it / en )
  • Rega emergency helicopter service – 1414 – it costs so little please consider being a patron. At CHF 40 for a one parent family for example you know it makes sense in the mountains – Rega.ch ( it / fr / de / en)

  • Stadt Zurich – The websites are a bit dated in look and feel, many are not as international as the city likes to promote itself. 

    • City President Department

    • Government Council of Zurich  ( en / de / fr ) – small site but tells you who the key officers are and their activities, most forms and factsheets are only in German.

    • Recycling and refuse calender – WELCOME ! For household refuse collection ( remember to buy the special white bags for refuse common ones 17 or 35 litre = c. CHF 22 per roll of 10 x 35l ), paper and cardboard recycling, local e-tram ( electrical ) or cargo tram ( larger household items ) – always check new address location for any house move. Keep the Hagenholtz or other main recycling centre 100 kg vouchers if you receive them in Dec – they can be priceless!  

    • Swimming pools – lanes, family, lesson, inside and out by the lake. Click on the pool locations on the map (de)

    • Tourist office and services – The city day card is a really useful way to hit the streets running and to self-explore pre- or on arrival. Prepare for  the germanic spelling of zue because of the umlaut on the u – Zü. Zurich.com leads to one place and zuerich.com leads to the tourist office  ( de / it / fr /en ) 

  • Taxi company – picking one of the larger companies who you can phone or book online. They vary and as there as many good stories there are bad ones as well. Few understand real customer service – 7×7 ( de / en )
  • Trams and buses – local services and trip ideas – remember your late night CHF 5 supplement party goers ( CHF100 fine otherwise ) – ZVV.ch ( de / en ) 

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