Zürich Networking Group Membership Levels Explained

3 Levels to match your needs and level of involvement which could be to simply:

Get to know others, socialise and extend your network

Balance work and life commitments to keep it simple

Easily improve local awareness of you and your business

Take and use resources to integrate into your own plans


The Zürich Networking Group has no industry, service or business type lock-outs

BEST For: entrepreneurs, business professionals, communication, marketing and sales experts, trainers and coaches

1).  Create brand awareness and if post to the LinkedIn group, attend events and make yourself for advice or a “initial 30 minutes for free,” you will get leads.  The costs are less than a glass of Prosecco or a large beer with your client or prospect downtown. It is up to you to decide on your monthly or annual subscription. 

2).  Be introduced to members through our monthly newsletter (benefit from a subscriber open rate of 50-70%: with a current number of subscribers at 700+)

3).  The opportunity to speak at future local Zurich Networking Group events (with COVID-19 regulations in place)

4).  Be selected as a guest on our “In the Loop” podcast series broadcasted via major audio platforms: iTunes, Spotify and TuneIn Alexa, to name just a few

5).  The opportunity to showcase your knowledge and expertise on online webinars for our members

6).  Getting to know other professionals who may be interested in bartering services and products, interested in supporting our community to remain lean and agile


BEST For: employees, spouses and partners, social night seekers, events of topic interest attendees, frequent flyers, English language conversationalists  

7).  Participate in Supporter and Premium member-only events, workshops and webinars, at discounted rates or free of charge. Student and retired members get a discounted rate. The costs are less than a coffee and a gipfeli with subscription on a monthly or annual payment plan. 

8).  Benefit from discounted services offered by our Premium members and discounted rates to events and premium webinars

Associate - minimal

Best for: Those seeking to just use the social media groups and learn more about the group by attending an event or subscribing to the group newsletters.

All member types can:

9).  Read about local issues that affect you on our website, newsletters and LinkedIn group posts (only Premium or Group Sponsor Posts are recommended group-wide on LinkedIn subject to agreement)

10).  Attend local Zürich Networking Group events and webinars , advertised on our LinkedIn Group of 7,000+ local city or canton members

11).  Learn more about a network focused on mutual exchange and respect where sharing knowledge and developing relationships are put first. And more importantly, understand that direct selling or selling to the room is frowned upon

12).  Get to know open-minded members who enjoy taking part in interesting discussions

13).  Be happy to have found a group where you feel relaxed and at home

We thank you for your interest in the Zürich Networking Group

If you have any questions, please email us, we will do our best to reply within 24hrs / subject to office hours etc.