Zurich Networking Group Policies

The Zurich Networking Group (ZNG) will do well and be sustainable if we meet online and in-person.

We believe that all members free or paying, new or old in the local ZNG community deserves to feel respected, welcomed, and keen to connect with each other, whether we do that in person or on any of our social media group platforms or resources.

Here are the pillars of our community principles relating to social media and how they helps us to build a great foundation:

  1. Try to be yourself. Act as you would normally do in real life, the group is very diverse in its membership and we take each other as they are, at face value and with understanding
  2. Try to be welcoming. In social media world no-one accepts trolling, pick-ups or bigotry, a smile and happy as you write go a long way in this group.
  3. Try to think about making a difference. Try to contribute to a conversation, share a little knowledge or to listen and give feedback, each small step does help others and if you can, try to volunteer to help the group, even if it is short-term or to help another member at an event.
  4. Try to be thoughtful and respectful. If you say you will be there, try to attend, if not, apologise in advance, respect discussions or online posts and make your comments and responses in a challenging way to help promote debate, ideas, creativity and not to dis-respect the person.

Online in the group social media resources or on this website, if your posts or comments conflict with any of these principles:

  1. You may receive a warning about your post, it may be be removed.
  2. You may be asked in-person privately at an event or by telephone to explain your thinking in case it is a use of English or other problem.
  3. You may in the case of a serious infringement be asked to adjust your behaviour and actions or risk suspension of your membership and online access temporary or permanent. No refund for any membership outstanding term is given if you are asked to leave the group.
  4. You may be banned or blocked from our group on all social media channels if no resolution can be found in the case of very serious infringements.

Zürich Networking Group qualification as a member:

  1. You are a resident or employed in the city or canton of Zürich at the time of joining.
  2. You were a previously living or working in the city or canton with proof of qualification and accept that you qualify for free or premium membership levels only.
  3. You studied at ETH or elsewhere in the city or canton of Zürich and can confirm dates, course or by reference to a publication, online resource or another group member.
  4. You have a current local qualifying membership which upon renewal shows that you have now relocated for personal or business reasons.

Zürich Member Restrictions

  1. The Zürich Networking Group takes member account privacy very seriously and because of the issues of relating to online and in-person relationship building, we try to be really careful as to which members are in the group. Please understand that we reserve the right to suspend or remove any account, or limit access to certain membership features on the group website, for any reason, by the administrator, group or forum moderators based on our experience and sole discretion.
  2. If a member passes away, we do not provide access to the account, even to legal representatives or family members acting on the behalf of the deceased persons estate. The account will be closed and in the case of group or forum ownership because of specialism, we will work with the deceased representative to transfer them to another member if desired. If not, the account and all related group, forum and other related material will be deleted/removed from the website.
  3. Zürich Networking Group members must be at least 18 years of age, any children present at an activity, tour or presentation must be supervised and accompanied by a parent or appointed guardian. The age limit is to act as a guide and because of discussions, possible misunderstanding about content or jobs posted.
  4. The Zürich Networking Group may remove certain members when we become aware that the member has been convicted of a violent, fraudulent, or dangerous crime. A member may be removed because of behaviour in conflict with our governing principles. Any member has the right and should report concerns about criminal or illegal activity to the local authorities.

Usage and Content Policies: Rules for Using Zürich Networking Group website and resources

Reality and Real

Zürich networking group members and their profiles are intended to represent real people in our local city and canton. We ask each member to be honest and to approach this group with a good dose of reality and we all believe members hope to be:

Open because transparency goes a long way

All members should be open about who they are, what they are seeking and with no hidden agendas. This is especially so for online groups where a large time investment and major effort has been made to build good communities. All Zürich group and event descriptions should be accurate, to allow any member to decide about participation and not to be afraid of received feedback.

True because of spam or fake accounts

The creation of fake accounts, malicious accounts, spam or accounts meant to deceive another person, is totally prohibited on Zürich. We reserve the right to report them to the regulatory authorities without the knowledge of the person owning the account.

Respectful of personal choices and boundaries

It is essential to creating a safe, trusting and vibrant community. The need for respect is assumed and rarely a problem in the group at in-person events, the troublesome area relates to content which is posted. Zürich networking group or forum owners try to monitor and restrict behaviour that is perceived to be dishonest, or that will intentionally upset other members.

Against all attempts to convert, skim or tamper with Zürich networking group events or online communities

It is not allowed and carries risk of sanction for people to join or use a Zürich Networking Group resource or social media platform community site to:

  1. Try to convert members to another group
  2. Skim a membership list for their own use, or to pass on to a third party
  3. Attend events in conflict with the aims or principles of the Zürich networking group and its leadership team.
  4. Join the leadership team or to support the group as a host or organiser in order to change the focus of the Zürich Networking Group
  5. Send or post promotional content not aligned with the original description of the Zürich Networking Group. Examples can include the posting of “attend an event” in a social media group with a request to join another group or to collect sign-up information. Should it be your intention to start a new group, simply leave the group to do so, or discuss with the leadership team your goals and develop your concept within the framework and resource of the Zürich Networking Group.
  6. Tamper or change, alter the content or settings of a Zürich Networking Group resources or website without permission from a member of the leadership team. Any changes made deemed to be an act which has the purpose of undermining, taking advantage of or disrupting the established community is a violation of our policies.

Abide by common and legal decency laws which avoid the publication, promotion and sharing of:

  1. Pornographic content is not allowed on any Zürich Networking Group platform, to be stored, publicly shared which is not appropriate for general audiences or your own mother or grandmother to view. Any nude or deemed to be sexual photos are not allowed in any publicly accessible media, group or forum space. For those art activities such as painting or photography those engaged in this area of nude work must keep the group setting to Private in order to limit access and to comply with member and group policies.
  2. Zürich Networking Group prohibits all posts, content and individuals who use the Zürich Networking Group to proposition for sex, or to promote or engage in prostitution.
  3. Any content my mother or your father may deem graphic, disgusting, obscene, or violent is prohibited. Any child pornography messaging or content posts will be removed from the platform, the member banned and reported to the Swiss police.
  4. Undermine a member and their privacy, posting content in a non-consensual way

Respect Intellectual Property

There is so much creative commons resource available and we ask you place a credit to the author or content provider to support their ongoing work. There is no need to abuse or infringe the intellectual property rights of others. Posting content that violates another party’s intellectual property rights is prohibited. It will be removed.

If you believe that content on the Zürich Networking Group website violates another party’s intellectual property rights, please contact the rights owner directly. Resolution of the person infringing paying for the material to be used and being granted permission is not uncommon.  Then the content can be reposted


Should you be in any doubt or seek advice concerning these usage and content guidelines, please consult a member of the Zürich Networking Group leadership team.