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#003 – Luc Boeke – – Founder Interview

In The Loop
In The Loop
#003 - Luc Boeke - - Founder Interview

Show Notes In this podcast you will gain insight into Luc`s business, those he works with and how they help executives, managers and those needing flexible learning options to develop their language skills. As a prospective student or teacher seeking to collaborate, you will learn more about the, where to find them, its business modeland their flexible language learning offer. Topics Covered Include: • 00:00 Introduction • 01:59 What type of students are attracted to your school? • 04:37 How do you find your teachers? • 06:09 Is your offering more skills or exam based for students?  • 07:55 The flexibility of enquiring or signing-up explained  • 09:54 Evidential student feedback and learning experiences explained • 12:11 How do you market and attract students? • 15:20 Which languages are you requested to teach the most? • 18:08 Close and thank you  Discussed Web Links Include: For Luc`s school  website and LinkedIn personal profile information: We hope you enjoyed this local business founder episode. PLEASE remember to SUBSCRIBE for more interesting content from Zurich, Switzerland Speak as a guest on a future show? Want to Promote your business or service?

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