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Develop long-term meaningful relationships at the Zürich Networking Group

Our networking style at the Zürich Networking Group is based on a professional and business focused format.

The focus is on building local Zürich working relationships and “trusted points of reference” to help you further your invaluable ‘support network’ of business contacts.

Our membership is diverse.

Our list of nationalities as members is long, which adds a dynamic to our professional networking  group that is unique. Since each person has their own network and topics of expertise, it is a diverse community where members can seek advice and help others out. It is not an “ex-pat only” or a “Swiss only” environment – instead a real blend of both. 

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Zürich Networking Group Sponsors

Please contact us for more information on sponsorship opportunities

The Boston School GmbH
The Boston School seeks companies who understand that making presentations, holding meetings and writing convincing reports well in English helps employees and their company to grow.
SE-Training GmbH
SE-Training GmbH provides unique engineering management training for managers typically in cross-functional Research and Development, or Systems Engineering or Design and Development roles.
Triple HR Services GmbH
A recognised HR Interim Management services provider. We fill the gap when and where you need us. Human Resources Services across the complete Employee Life Cycle.

Supporter Plus Member Blog Posts

Networking conversation openers and closers in English

Having to network does create some problems. One is related to having the confidence to speak in English or another foreign language with a stranger.  Let us all be honest. When we first started to attend events, go to conferences or meetings,  we were not always 100% comfortable. It could be that there is something in our DNA which warns […]

Would you like 12 hours of personalised coaching at subsidised rates to help me get my qualification?

What is coaching? Coaching has become a recognised means to effectively help people in their professional and personal lives articulate and achieve their goals. A coach supports you as the client to navigate through a career or life transition, to spend more time and energy on what matters to you, or even determine what your life purpose is. As with […]

Thought of the day list in English using quotes from H. Jackson Brown, Jr

Harriett Jackson Brown Jr. is an American author best known for his inspirational book, Life’s Little Instruction Book, which was a New York Times bestseller. Its sequel Life’s Little Instruction Book: Volume 2 also made it to the same best seller list in 1993. Wikipedia Born: 1940, Middle Tennessee  A few quotations which are from his top 20 most reviewed or rated list […]

Zürich Networking Group Supporter Plus membership enables you to control your content. Once posted, it will remain for as long as either your Supporter Plus membership is active or you decide to remove it. Over time it could serve as a valuable local point of reference for you and your business in Zürich or within the Zürich Networking Group community.

New Members This Month

A quick welcome note to those who have decided to join the group this month:

David     Sarah     Andy     Mark      Xavier

We look forward to seeing you at a future Zürich Networking Group event.

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