A City For All July 4th Zurich

Zurich for all evening - civic exchange - city taxes and future funding

The Zürich Networking Group is not formally affiliated to any party

The Zurich for all civic exchange involves local political parties and others on topics which impact expats ( now 30%+ of the local population) and Swiss people.

They promote discussion and enable us to have good FAQ sessions and follow-up.

Please Remember – expats cannot vote so being aware helps you to know issues especially if some of you plan to be a future Swiss citizen.

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2019 Early Morning Coffee - Stadelhofen May - Zurich Networking Group

Zürich Networking Group for those who want to expand their local network, career and business opportunities

Through developing long-term meaningful relationship

Networking to build long-term relationships, to find a new job in Zurich and to secure success comes from your own effort

Our networking style at the Zürich Networking Group is based on a professional and business focused format.

Our philosophy is simple, a belief of “give and share before you take,” this fits well with our “ex-pat” and “Swiss local” Zürich Networking Group members well.

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SE-Training GmbH
SE-Training GmbH provides unique engineering management training for managers typically in cross-functional Research and Development, or Systems Engineering or Design and Development roles.
The Boston School GmbH
The Boston School seeks companies who understand that making presentations, holding meetings and writing convincing reports well in English helps employees and their company to grow.
Fast facts:Group was created in 2009 as a "job club" when times were not as good as they are today with no members or website presence.Our reach - 4000+ local Associate or Supporter members which include our social media groups memberships.
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