Zurich For All

Zürich Networking Group for those who want to expand their local network, career and business opportunities

Through developing long-term meaningful relationships

A place since 2009 where people from Zurich, retirees, students, business owners and employees from many of the companies in the canton come together.

Swiss and non-Swiss enjoy a real “Zürich for all” experience in the Zürich Networking Group

No matter if you are a new to the city or been here a long time, you have the opportunity to participate or help. A number of members take the opportunity to be event speakers, others simply enjoy a night out “winding down” away from work. It is up to you as to how much you can be involved with the Zürich Networking Group.  

Get News and Move Forwards

Most in the Zürich Networking Group start as a newsletter subscriber ( Zürich Networking Group- Associate member ) and later move to being a Supporter or Supporter Plus member.

Membership is as diverse as the city and some have been Zürich Networking Group members for years, others just days.

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Zürich Networking Group Craft Beer Night Seefeld
Market Transformation Emerging Market Ermanno Sironi

This list is always being updated so do come back again or sign-up for the free newsletter if you are not a Supporter/Supporter Plus member.

Thanking Zurich Networking Group Sponsors
SE-Training GmbH
SE-Training GmbH provides unique engineering management training for managers typically in cross-functional Research and Development, or Systems Engineering or Design and Development roles.
The Boston School GmbH
The Boston School seeks companies who understand that making presentations, holding meetings and writing convincing reports well in English helps employees and their company to grow.

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3 Membership Types

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Supporter Personal Membership
CHF 30 12 Months Fixed
Event Discounts
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Receive Offers
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Supporter Plus Business Owners
CHF 150 12 Months Fixed
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