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Zürich Networking Group – creating longer lasting local relationships

We serve solopreneurs, small businesses and employees of companies based in the Zurich area. 

Job seekers use the group to network with others and to get resources to research, plan or action their career move.

A good number simply attend one or two events a year and enjoy a good time learning or socialising whilst meeting other members.  

Network night speakers have spoken on a variety of topics, here ae a few: 

  • Hiring – your worst 10 mistakes as a HR Manager
  • US IRS tax matters and updates
  • Blockchain – what is it?
  • Sunni and Shia religion differences and their origins


Roundtables / Workshops


Zurich for All


Brunch / Evening

Upcoming EVENTS

Group events listing

Any Supporter Plus member organised event can be included in the main calendar

May 12
Strategic Marketing Series - 1 of 4
11:00 Start
May 19
STRATEGIC Marketing Series - 2 of 4
11:00 start
May 26
STRATEGIC Marketing Series - 3 of 4
11:00 Start
Jun 02
STRATEGIC Marketing Series - 4 of 4
11:00 Start

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