Zürich Networking Group

Creating Longer Lasting Local Relationships

Our focus is on delivering value, where your time is well spent at professional networking events with Swiss and non-Swiss local Zurich members.  


The Zürich Networking Group serves solopreneurs, small businesses and employees of companies based in the Zurich area. 

Zürich Networking Group job seekers use the group to network with others and to get resources to aid their job search or to action their career move.

Many join to speak at events, others to simply attend a knowledge share or event of interest. 

The focus is to be yourself, to mix with others and to network in a relaxed friendly way. 

Main Event Channels Are:

At some events guests and non-members are asked to pay a small premium on the ticket price. At some they are free to attend to help you to get to know members as well.

"In The Loop" Podcast

Our episodic knowledge or local experiences shows by members as guests or as panel members 

In The Loop
In The Loop
#006 Strategic Marketing: The SOSTAC planning model and TOWS

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