Network Night Larger Event

For those who want to expand their local network and business opportunities

Who also want to develop long-term meaningful relationships at the Zürich Networking Group

Networking to build long-term relationships and success comes from effort, time spent with others and you being open to help or “know a person who can.”

Our networking style at the Zürich Networking Group is based on a professional and business focused format.

Make trusted referrals, help those looking for a new job, promote your business whilst supporting others, have fun.

Our philosophy is simple, a belief of “give and share before you take,” this fits well with our “ex-pat” and “Swiss local” Zürich Networking Group members well.

Thanking Zurich Networking Group Sponsors

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SE-Training GmbH
SE-Training GmbH provides unique engineering management training for managers typically in cross-functional Research and Development, or Systems Engineering or Design and Development roles.
Triple HR Services GmbH
A recognised HR Interim Management services provider. We fill the gap when and where you need us. Human Resources Services across the complete Employee Life Cycle.
The Boston School GmbH
The Boston School seeks companies who understand that making presentations, holding meetings and writing convincing reports well in English helps employees and their company to grow.
2019 Early Morning Coffee - Stadelhofen Apr - Zurich Networking Group

Quick Read – Break Time Category

A compilation of LinkedIn discussions pre-2018 group update and new.

Take your time – Get to know others

A network night requires you to be open to suggestions or ideas

Frits Ahlefeldt Building Bridges Communication Workshop
Zurich Networking Group Network Night

Fast facts:

Group was created in 2009 as a “job club” when times were not as good as they are today with no members or website presence.

Our reach – 4000+ local Associate or Supporter members which include our social media groups memberships.

Local business and people together - why?

One needs the other - think about it

Andrew Travers decided to create the group because he believes:

Networking is a problem, owners have no time and need new customers all of the time.

Larger companies need SOHO and other businesses to survive and sell their products.

Those not in business need employment and jobs, some just part-time and others as part of their career or retirement plan.

Hence why all members, no matter what their background have an interest to expand their horizons.

new members joining the zurich networking group

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