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Our networking style at the Zürich Networking Group is based on a professional and business focused format.

The focus is on building local Zürich working relationships and “trusted points of reference” to help you further your invaluable ‘support network’ of business contacts.

Our membership is diverse.

Our list of nationalities as members is long, which adds a dynamic to our professional networking  group that is unique. Since each person has their own network and topics of expertise, it is a diverse community where members can seek advice and help others out. It is not an “ex-pat only” or a “Swiss only” environment – instead a real blend of both. 

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The Boston School GmbH
The Boston School seeks companies who understand that making presentations, holding meetings and writing convincing reports well in English helps employees and their company to grow.
SE-Training GmbH
SE-Training GmbH provides unique engineering management training for managers typically in cross-functional Research and Development, or Systems Engineering or Design and Development roles.
Triple HR Services GmbH
A recognised HR Interim Management services provider. We fill the gap when and where you need us. Human Resources Services across the complete Employee Life Cycle.

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“Zurich for all” evening Feb 2019

Zurich Networking Group Networking Night - Zurich For All with the FDP

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looking for an english speaking job in zurich

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Zürich’s population is reaching a new high

It is happening and yet typically it is “planned for” because only at the badi on a hot summer`s day do you feel the city is bursting at the seams. Zurich grew again last year by more than 5000 residents, due to too many births, less deaths and immigration from both inside and outside of Switzerland. In the city limits, […]

Alfred Escher – 200th birthday celebration a new stamp launched at ETH

Alfred Escher – 200th birthday celebration, a new stamp launch was a night for the “outsider” to enjoy being on the inside, as many celebrated the work of the Swiss pioneer. At the ceremony a special stamp was unveiled in honour of Escher ( Swiss Post webshop – no affiliated link) which will be available from March 7th 2019 at Swiss […]

January 2019 city of Zürich unemployment figures

In January 2019, 6,104 people were unemployed which is a 2.6 per cent increase on the previous month (+154 persons). In total, 2 607 women and 3 497 men were unemployed. The unemployment rate in the city of Zurich was 2.7 percent in December and 2.8 percent in Switzerland. The figure does not state the true number who are “off […]

Zürich Networking Group Supporter Plus membership enables you to control your content. Once posted, it will remain for as long as either your Supporter Plus membership is active or you decide to remove it. Over time it could serve as a valuable local point of reference for you and your business in Zürich or within the Zürich Networking Group community.

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