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for those wanting to expand their local

network, career and business opportunities

The Zürich Networking Group is a membership organisation of professionals in business, finance, insurance, technology. 

Members are drawn from both the Swiss local and expat communities, some old, some new to the city and a number who have retired and enjoy socialising in English.

Established in 2009, we work to help members advance their business and professional objectives by facilitating networking events, educational forums, and career development opportunities. 

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Our largest group social media presence is on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Zürich Networking Group has over 4,135 local members and are sufficient in number to support most requests for help or advice.

The events represent the diverse interests of the members and there is a policy of turn up when you can or want. There is no minimum threshold of events to attend or leads to secure or share. We try to keep things relaxed and avoid selling to the room at all costs. 

Most current members explored the group by reading the blog posts, discussions or attending the early bird coffee meetings. Later, they took advantage of the Supporter or Supporter Plus memberships and their benefits.

Zürich Networking Group Sponsors include:

Providing executives and business professionals with specialised English lessons for key or customer facing staff to learn how to better write, speak or present in English.

SE-Training GmbH provides unique engineering management training for managers typically in cross-functional Research and Development, or Systems Engineering or Design and Development roles.

Our membership is in 3 levels

The levels cover all bases, from Associate for free to local business owner Supporter Plus. 

Only Supporter and Supporter Plus memberships provide wider access to Zürich Networking Group resources which include your promotion to a wider Zürich audience if you decide to speak at a networking night.

When Supporter or Supporter Plus members are prepared to take a risk speaking to a public audience, the least we can do is promote you. Please see the events calendar for available dates or future speaking topics.




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Some comments made about the Zürich Networking Group:

“Networking helps accelerate you wherever you want to go. It helps get customers, get financing or simply meet others who can help you to get you where you need to get to.”

“Networking always raises time questions, who’s in the group? do they provide resources and support? do they have knowledge that will solve a problem or two? In the Zürich Networking Group the answer is yes.”

“There are people there who will support you, when times are tough or good, sometimes it is nice to just get out and not think of work.”

“I wanted to be part of a group of people where I could mix with both men and women, find people I could relate to and who are both serious, yet without ego and enjoyable and personable.”

“The Zürich Networking Group gives you confidence to close the gap, it’s different and there is always someone you meet who helps support you when you have moments of self-doubt.”