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Which Google analytics are important?

Contents Introduction Google analytics and SEO will waste hours of your time as a small business owner or blogger. The reality is those hours wasted watching and tweaking can be better invested elsewhere in Zurich. Trust me, I have spent hours over time watching “Real Time” on the Google Analytics Dashboard, I have asked myself why are 5 people in San Diego from accessing the site with their Samsung, iPhone and other devices simultaneously. The reality is that they could be anyone, a web robot, a class using the website content for an exercise or a number of other inventions of my mind. It is why I now look for exceptions and have a quick 20 minute weekly review to look for potential red flags. Do you sell and worry about your shop statistics? Any sale per customer close to CHF 50 or above makes you average. The Average Revenue per Paying User (ARPU) is your total monthly revenue divided by the number of users which transacted that month. If you are below CHF 30, you may be earning other sources of income or need to consider making an offer at checkout. “Customers who purchased this also liked ….” just

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